Winter 2018 Feature Exhibition


Pressing Matters

More than 300 irons dating from the early 19th Century to the Mid-1900s go on display in Pressing Matters at the Art & Antiques for Everyone Fair held at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham from 15-18 November 2018.  This very important and special exhibition feature will be mounted by members of the British Iron Collectors (BIC).

BIC representative Penny Savill: ‘There will be a large range of iron designs demonstrating various heating methods. We will have irons from foundries in the West Midlands and there will be specialist irons, such as hat and travel irons. We will be showing the development of irons with a selection from around the world. It’s going to be a fascinating exhibition not only for collectors but anyone with an interest in domestic history.’

Among the irons will be examples of gas and petrol irons, goffering and crimping irons, hat and flower irons, travel irons, children’s toy irons and associated pieces such as laundry stoves, a linen press and trivets and crested irons.