5 reasons why you should buy vintage and antique jewellery

By Howell 1870

Whether a lover of old or new, our fascination with pre-loved objects is something that we all share, no more so than with antique and vintage jewellery. Its strange power to instill so many emotions is a mystery, or is it? We look at five reasons why having a love for the past and its objects can not only be emotionally and environmentally rewarding but also good for your bank account. 

A selection of some of our antique and pre-loved vintage jewellery alongside

1. It has a story to tell 

We often say ‘if only I was a fly on the wall’ to have witnessed this event or that special occasion unfold, well in some ways antique and vintage jewellery carries those experiences with them. When we wear these pieces, some well over 100 years old, they inspire us with wonder and nostalgia for times gone by and in doing so capture our imaginations. Sadly the same can’t be said for today’s mass produced jewellery.. 

2. Sustainability 

Did you know… buying a pre-loved, antique gemstone ring could save up to 0.42 tonnes of CO2e compared to buying new? That roughly equates to driving nearly 3000km in a diesel car or reaching your smartphone 60,000 times! Safe to say that family heirlooms are far more eco friendly in that sense. So when buying antique or second hand jewellery, remember that you’re not only offsetting a massive amount of pollution but also ensuring the longevity and viability of the vintage jewellery trade.

3. Value for money

A beautiful vintage Boodles ring which offers great value for money when compared to a new counterpart, which would be at least 100% more expensive.  

As we all know when we buy second hand not only do we feel great about doing our bit for sustainability and extending the life of a product, we also know we’ve got the best deal. That couldn’t be more true than with antique and vintage jewellery. When comparing a modern diamond three stone ring, for example, we can see that compared to its pre-loved counter part it doesn’t compare, sometimes being up to 50% cheaper! 

4. The human cost 

Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend but at a cost and not just a financial one. According to Human Rights Watch many jewellery organisations and producers still don’t due enough due diligence when it comes to assessing the origins of their diamonds. It notes ‘[jewellery companies] rely simply on the assurances of their suppliers that their gold and diamonds are free of human rights abuses’ and that more could be done. In comparison to second hand jewellery, or certainly antique pieces, the human impact has only been paid once and that of course diminishes with every new owner, so over time the impact is far less destructive. Another great reason to #gogreenbuyantiques. 

5. Craftsmanship 

Things were just made better – simple. Whether it was houses, vehicles or tools, we all know that things made in the last century just seem to be made a whole lot better. Of course there are exceptions, but when it comes to jewellery it’s safe to say things were made to last. Not only were many of the rings, earrings, pendants and brooches all made to higher standards, hence them still being here today, the finesse and uniqueness to many pieces places them in a whole other league.

So there you have it, five reasons why buying antique and vintage jewellery could be far more beneficial not only for your bank account but also the human impact. At Howell 1870 we’ve focused on offering fine, quality pieces of antique and second hand jewellery for over 150 years, a selection of which can be seen on our website at www.howell1870.co.uk or also a far wider offering at the Arts and Antiques for Everyone fairs. Whether online or face-to-face we look forward to welcoming you and showing you all that these antique treasures have to offer from craftsmanship to excellent value for money.