Brian Lawrence
Brian Lawrence LTD - Contemporary and Classic Interior Design
  1. What inspired you to become an interior designer?

    I have always been inspired by beautiful furniture and fabrics and had the vision to see how I could use them in the home.    


  2. What areas of art and antiques are you interested in and how does this influence you at work?

    I have always been a collector of many items; clocks, glass, china and pictures so with their many details and styles these items have inspired me on the way I create a rooms feeling and look. 


  3. Are there any specific sources, trends and historical eras that you often draw inspiration from?

    Yes, I am a great lover of the late Tudor and Jacobean era also the late eighteen century French chateau's where many items in the home had such great detail and inspired feeling.


  4. There has been a trend towards mixing old with new in the past decade, has this helped you in your advice to clients?

    Yes, eclectic mixes give a home that personal touch.


  5. What top tip would you have for those interested in sourcing and adding antiques to their home?

    Buy what you like not what you can afford, indulgence in antiques you love that will give you years of pleasure.