Caroline Cobbold
Caroline Cobbold Design
  1. What inspired you to become an interior designer?

    My own curiosity, the beautiful interiors I saw as a child, my attention to detail as well as my Aunt being the well known interior designer Tessa Kennedy


  2. What areas of art and antiques are you interested in and how does this influence you at work?

    All areas. Old and new. Im drawn to particular things - diverse. I dont have to deliberate as to whether I like something. I like what I like not what everyone else likes or is supposed to like!  


  3. Are there any specific sources, trends and historical eras that you often draw inspiration from?

    Yes, probably Georgian , even now a bit of Victorian, 1920’ s and 1940’s, some 70’s and then a jump to 2000 s and some new designers .

  4. There has been a trend towards mixing old with new in the past decade, has this helped you in your advice to clients?

    It is my taste but its not everyones taste. Some people like ultra modern and minimal and those people  may not hire me for this very reason!  I can create any style having had many years working as an art director / stylist in the film business but my natural taste is quite eclectic.

  5. What top tip would you have for those interested in sourcing and adding antiques to their home?

    Search and search, it takes time to find the very right piece that fills all requirements - , your love for it , the space its filling , the investment you may be making . But be wary there are many many extremely good fakes out there . 

    But it shouldn’t matter too much  if you love the piece , its extremely well made and you re not looking to sell it on for an investment in the short term.  

    Buy a piece because you love it .