Catherine Glover
  1. What do you deal in?

    Antique and period jewellery and vintage watches


  2. When did you start dealing?

    Ten years ago


  3. Best buy?

    My favourite buy is probably a French tiger’s eye and diamond set bee brooch, dating from c.1900. Tiger’s eye is a golden brown stripy quartz and looks very bee like. The brooch is the same size as a large bumble bee (but with diamond set wings) and looks so lifelike when worn - suffice to say I decided to keep it for my personal collection!


  4. Top Tip for new collectors?

    Buy what you really like - the piece, whatever it is, has to speak to you. Don't be swayed by a hard sell or a big discount. Remember that sometimes a price could be artificially high to be lowered to give the impression of a massive deal. It’s important that you feel you can trust the dealer as at the end of the day you want to enjoy the piece and enjoy the experience of buying and then owning it.

    Buy something that you love that is good quality and that you think is a fair price. That way you will always cherish it and you never know it could be the start of a whole new collection.


  5. Why do you choose to exhibit at fairs?

    We have been exhibiting at fairs for nearly 20 years (although I've only been involved for the last 10). We enjoy building relationships with customers (and potential new customers) at each fair and now have a strong customer base all over the country. The people coming to fairs generally have a greater interest in antique and period items or are looking to learn. Selling our antique and period jewellery is a little different from what you see on the "high street" as it's all handmade and genuinely unique. We love to share our passion for our jewellery at fairs and know that people enjoy seeing the different things on our stand. 


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