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Emma Hooton
Emma Hooton Ltd
  1. What inspired you to become an interior designer?

    I have been around the property industry from a young age from moving regularly with my parents renovating house after house, followed by a stint in the property market in London in my twenties. Combining this with creativity and a people-focussed industry inspired me from the start. Training at KLC 10 years ago set me up to launch my own practice and we are now a team of six based in the heart of the south of England carrying out country house new builds and refurbishments which we are all totally passionate about. 

  2. What areas of art and antiques are you interested in and how does this influence you at work?

    New up and coming artists and photographers pieces are really interesting to us in terms of originality and also make great investment pieces for clients.   Mixing these with mid century antique pieces is one of our favourite combinations and finding furniture with a story behind it is part of creating an individual space with great conversation pieces for clients.  We will always have art and antiques in mind from the start of our designs, from where key pieces are going to be hung to how each of the areas are going to feel and how those pieces will complete the look.  

  3. Are there any specific sources, trends and historical eras that you often draw inspiration from?

    Inspiration for us can often come from the historical era of the architecture we might be dealing with, which mostly means creating a contrast with super contemporary pieces in a grand old Georgian farmhouse for example.  

    There is of course a huge mid century revival happening currently and although this is an era we love, we are careful to be led by how the finished interior will work rather than trends which can be short lived.

  4. There has been a trend towards mixing old with new in the past decade, has this helped you in your advice to clients?

    Yes absolutely, we are always encouraging clients out of their comfort zones by inspiring them with what’s out there and to go bold on bringing these elements together with confidence.  They are often already thinking along the lines of mixing styles and we can make that work for their taste and lifestyle, bringing all elements together.  

  5. What top tip would you have for those interested in sourcing and adding antiques to their home?

    Less is more. Choose pieces that you absolutely love and invest in fewer, key items rather than cluttering spaces.  Give antiques as much room as possible and there’s generally one star of the show in any room so choose one to be the focal point such as a chair in a beautiful fabric or a statement piece of art with other elements in the room complementing rather than competing.