Fabien Gueret-Jullien
Warret & Jullion
  1. What inspired you to become an interior designer?

    After 14 years working in banking, I needed to express my creative mind. I had always been interested in spaces and their details. Interior Design was a natural choice. I like the immediate tangibility and the symbiotic relationship I build with clients to the point of becoming a friend they can trust.


  2. What areas of art and antiques are you interested in and how does this influence you at work?

    I love all antiques. I often discover new areas through the collection of my clients. I recently worked for a amateur of shot guns. I researched it and we are designing an entire room based on the lines, feels and material of an antique Beretta. Something out of the ordinary, a cross between a gentleman's club and a hunting lodge in Austria.


  3. Are there any specific sources, trends and historical eras that you often draw inspiration from?

    I am fascinated by Art Deco (or should I call it, Modern Jazz). Art Deco in all its shape: furniture, lighting, Art. It brings glamour, rhythm and a clear sense of grandeur. It is also great that Art Deco had very different incarnations in different countries.

    My bet for the future is the return of the 70s and specifically the Space Age. I am currently redoing my place in this style and I am thrilled by the choices.


  4. There has been a trend towards mixing old with new in the past decade, has this helped you in your advice to clients?

    Mixing old and new is something very natural in France where I am from. I think Modern Art sits very well amidst classical interiors as long as it tells a story and there's a link between the pieces.


  5. What top tip would you have for those interested in sourcing and adding antiques to their home?

    My golden rule is: do not rush it. Take your time to tour the antiques dealers, the auctions and even you friends. See many. One day, one piece will be a perfect fit.