Gabi Da Rocha
Gabi Da Rocha Interiors Ltd
  1. What inspired you to become an interior designer?

    I grew up in Rio, Brazil, and a few of my parent’s friends were architects and furniture designers. I was very lucky as we lived in wonderful apartments and a huge house which was rare to find in Rio. Most of our furniture was bespoke and so each piece was unique. I found this so exciting as our furnishings were always unusual and different to anyone of my friend’s houses.

    When I came to live in London at the beginning of the 80’s, I was introduced to antiques. I found it fascinating that something we used on a daily basis such as a chest of drawers or a dresser could be so old with so much history. It was then that my passion for interiors developed, I saw how different the two cultures in my life were from one another and how the practicalities and circumstances of life come into our homes.


  2. What areas of art and antiques are you interested in and how does this influence you at work?

    I’m interested in so many areas of art and antiques, although I suppose with art I am drawn to contemporary paintings and sculptures. You can get away with taking over a whole wall with one painting, which is so lavish. I used to visit end of year shows at art colleges when I had more time to spare, that’s where you can pick up new trends both in materials as well as current themes.


  3. Are there any specific sources, trends and historical eras that you often draw inspiration from?

    From Egyptian extravagance, through to Georgian, Victorian, and Art Deco although all eras add enchantment when placed in the right space.


  4. There has been a trend towards mixing old with new in the past decade, has this helped you in your advice to clients?

    My favourite style is mixing new with old, it adds character and depth to a room. I remember one of my favourite interior designers Roger Banks-Pye saying that you always need something out of the ordinary to add spirit to a room, and when I can I like to incorporate something unexpected.


  5. What top tip would you have for those interested in sourcing and adding antiques to their home?

    Look for something you love, don’t be in a rush to find it. Add it to your room whether it goes or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s part of you and makes your home unique.