Jeweller to the Stars!

Jewels Past’s stand is often singled out at antique fairs for the quality of the authentic stock and the stunning presentation. This has led to extraordinary opportunities such as providing jewellery for Sir Kenneth Branagh’s productions of Murder on the Orient Express in 2017 and the soon to be released follow up Death on the Nile

Initially, a researcher from the production team of Murder on the Orient Express identified Jewels Past as having a large selection of authentic jewellery for the period they were after. This was followed up by Alexandra Byrne, the production’s Costume Designer, who selected jewellery and made a request to source other items. It was a proud moment when the film was released to see the jewellery provided by Jewels Past being worn by great actors. Some pieces have been singled out for particular attention including the Schrieber & Hiller necklace worn by Lucy Boynton who played the part of Countess Andrenyi in the film.

Two years later, a researcher for Death on the Nile visited the stand and I was invited to set up a display of 1920s jewellery at their studios. Here the Costume Designer selected pieces that would suit the costumes and the character that was being played. At the time they were filming, it was a great experience to see the Egyptian film set which was so authentic. They selected many pieces of Art Deco jewellery including many bakelite pieces, designer pieces by ‘Jakob Bengel’ and other items from across the spectrum. I can’t wait to see the jewellery being worn when Death on the Nile is released. It is a real accolade that Fox Studio again chose Jewels Past to provide the jewellery.