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The Buttonhook Society

A carefully curated display of hundreds of buttonhooks.

Just A Hook? An Exhibition of Buttonhook and Related Artefacts 

The Buttonhook Society is presenting this summers feature exhibition focusing on a variety of buttonhooks, all presented by private collectors. 

Whilst a hook may just be a hook, the handles of buttonhooks are something very different. 

Discover brass fireside companions with places of interest from around the country and steel shields featuring American landmarks. Trench art handles are made from World War One materials and South American nuts carved into grotesque faces.  See fine silver handles from major silversmiths and delicate use of semi-precious stones and colourful enamels. There will be legs galore; musical instruments and sports equipment; multi tool penknives and hunting knives; advertising hooks in all shapes and sizes, not to mention imaginative uses of wood, plastic, bone, mother of pearl and horn.  

The Buttonhook Society will also be delivering talks titled "The Social History Surrounding Buttonhooks" presented by Paul Moorehead, Chairman of the Buttonhook Society and will be selling their latest book at the fair "The Holy Grails of Buttonhook Collecting"

This feature will be sure to astonish you as to how diverse buttonhooks can be, each for varying practical reasons.

Don't miss it at this summers Art & Antiques for Everyone Fair, 19 - 22 July 2018, NEC Birmingham.