Mike Emeny
Art of the Imagination
  1. What do you deal in?

    We are specialist dealers in original book illustrations, contemporary fine art bronzes and publishers of fine limited edition books.


  2. When did you start dealing?

    Back in 1999 we had a cabinet in an antique centre and then in 2001 we started doing small fairs.  Now we do over 30 fairs around the country on a yearly basis.


  3. Best buy?

    We once purchased a 'Lazy Susan' to exhibit a bronze sculpture on. Before we had even finished making the payment a lady walked in to the fair and bought it. I don't know if this is our best buy, but it is certainly our quickest sale! I'm still looking for the right Lazy Susan.


  4. Top Tip for new collectors?

    Invest in something you already have an interest and some knowledge in. It helps if you want to live with your collection, rather than seeing it only as an investment.


  5. Why do you choose to exhibit at fairs?

    We have had a gallery and we have exhibited at fairs.  We find that we get our business in front of a lot of people who are interested in beautiful things and understand the value of what we offer.  With the number of fairs we exhibit at we are seen by over 10,000 a month - something we would find difficult to achieve while managing a gallery.


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