Sally Hone
Opus Antiques
  1. What do you deal in?

    I am a dealer in treen, which means an object turned from one piece of wood and comes from the word tree, and small wooden decorative items.


  2. When did you start dealing?

    I first started dealing in furniture and treen in 1999 but I blame my husband for my interest in wood as he bought me a tea caddy with a secret drawer back in the 1980's and this really started my love of treen and all things wood.


  3. Best buy?

    My best buy and my biggest regret would have to be a George II candle box with the most fabulous colour and patina, which I kept it for ages, hanging it in my house before being persuaded to part with it for a fair, it really was irreplaceable.


  4. Top Tip for new collectors?

    It is true to that you should buy the best example you can afford. The original colour and patina on a piece of treen is of great importance. When the surface of a piece has been stripped down you cannot reverse this and the years of handling and waxing which made the piece so special can be lost.


  5. Why do you choose to exhibit at fairs?

    I love exhibiting at fairs as I like to meet and talk to my customers. Many customers like to handle my items, which is great as the more wood gets handled the better it becomes.


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