Introducing Section 3 at Antiques for Everyone...

An exciting development for Antiques for Everyone has come together for 2018.
Given the current trends in the antique market and the desire to drive the fair forward, we are pleased to announce the launch of Section 3 at the upcoming spring fair.
What is Section 3?
•    A table-top section with no stand fitting or carpeting
•    By prior application only before booking 
•    No dateline but reproductions are not accepted
•    First come first served in terms of pitch allocation
•    Weekend only trading (7 – 8 April) with pitch options for 1 or 2 days
•    Pitches 3 x 2 (6sqm) minimum - a table and 2 chairs will be included
•    Section 3 pitches will receive a stand number
•    Section 3 pitches will receive complimentary e-tickets to distribute to clients
•    Pitches are available for current Section 1 and 2 exhibitors in addition to their contracted stand
Section 3 Pitch Costs
Introductory offer: Book a pitch for the Saturday by Wednesday 14 March and have the Sunday free of charge.

Single Pitch 3x2 (6sqm)

Double Pitch: Two 3x2s (12sqm)

Large Furniture Pitch: Three 3x2s (18sqm)

Incl. 1x table (6ft) and 2 chairs

Incl. 2x table (6ft) and 2 chairs

Incl. 2x table (6ft) and 2 chairs

£175 +VAT per day

£250 +VAT per day

£325 +VAT per day

Extra tables and chairs can be pre booked along with electrics.
If you are interesting in reserving a pitch in section 3 or would like more information please complete the form below or contact our sales team.

Ryan Gisborne - Weare  - Sales Manager

T: +44 (0)207 384 8149


Philippa Dawson - Sales Consultant

T: +44 (0)75 0089 2080