A Heart of Glass

Illusion by Fay Miller £1595

We sell beautiful and unique designer glassware to personalise your home or office space.

Established in 2004, A Heart of Glass was born out of our love of art and admiration for the skilled artists whose work we showcase.

Specialising in contemporary art glass, we seek out the most artistic and inspired designs from across the world and bring them to the discerning customer here in the UK. We represent both world renowned artists and emerging talent in the field of glass and are proud to have established great relationships with them all.

We sell a wide selection of Bohemian glass, much of it made to our individual requests for colour and design. Our extensive range also includes work from Britain, America, Sweden, Italy, Mexico and more and we delight in representing many of our artists exclusively in the UK.

In addition to our online gallery, we trade at Contemporary Art Fairs, Home & Lifestyle Shows and Specialist Glass Events across the country, introducing a wide audience to our amazing artists work.

Whether you’re searching for that original piece of art to complete the look at home, some unique gift inspiration for that special someone or are wishing to expand your art collection, we have a diverse range of work to suit all tastes and budgets.

As we strive to create stylish homes, our hunger for original art pieces grows.

Blending beauty with cutting edge design, our unique 3-dimensional art pieces will add a touch of colour, design and personality to your home.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you!

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