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Miniature coromandel tantalus by Betjeman c.1880 £585.00

English boxes and glass of the 18th century and 19th century – and sometimes outside these dates – form the core of my stock.

Dressing cases furnished with silver, tea caddies, writing, jewellery and sewing boxes, apothecary and water-colour boxes, military etuis and prisoner of war work.

Always a good stock of drinking glasses – from giant to miniature – silver mounted claret jugs, sulphides, finger and rinsing bowls, vases, paper weights and decanters. 

A good selection of snuff and other small boxes with some general treen. 

Silver is usually ‘smalls’ such as novelty items by Sampson Mordan, scent bottles, tea caddies, vinaigrettes, nutmeg graters and candle sticks.

Regarding pictures, you could find an 18th century portrait in oil, a marine water-colour, maps or reverse glass painting.  Prints of all descriptions including Japanese wood block together with miniatures and silhouettes. Also silk and wool work pictures.

At bigger fairs you will find a good table, chairs or stools. 

History is my hobby. I research thoroughly and there is often a story behind my pieces.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Piddock

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