Erna Hiscock & John Shepherd

Catherine Elphick 1847 A very rare mid 19th Century sampler depicting hot air balloons. Catherine was born and raised in Lewis, East Sussex so may have witnessed the hot air balloon ascent in Brighton the previous year. Worked in coloured silks that have retained their original colour. £1750.

Between the two of us we have over 60 years experience in both collecting and dealing in English Needlework and pottery. Ema, with her love for all things relating to children is a renowned expert in Samplers. Miniature and Schoolwork are her particular passion. John’s Interest for pottery in general has resulted in a comprehensive range from medieval to studio pottery including Delft, Slipware, Creamware and Staffordshire Figures.

Together we have developed this interest and broadened our stock base to include early toys and dolls, folk art, treen, metalwork and all things country.

We have both served on vetting committees at the NEC Antiques for Everyone Fairs, Earls Court and other English fairs. We have also been involved in a number of needlework tours including Dawn Lewis and at the Ackworth School. We include our worldwide client base of trade, private collectors, museum customers and interior decorators among our friends for whom we are still actively working to acquire individual items or collections.

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