Selection of 1950 to1980 Scandinavian Glass and Ceramics from Gustavsberg, Knabstrupp, Royal Copenhagen, Michael Andersen and Sons, Kosta Boda, Soholm and Rorstrand. Prices ranging from £90 to £295 plus P&P

We are a wife and husband team who have a love of ceramics, glass, art and jewellery.  The design ethos of the Scandinavian countries particularly appeals to us so we have specialised in the items they produced in the middle of the 20th Century onward rather than the antique.  The vast majority of our stock is from now defunct producers or from ranges that have ceased production and did so in the 1970s or 1980s at the latest.  Hence none of our Royal Copenhagen, Iittala, Kosta, Orrefors or Holmegaard items are still being produced. 

The wall art we stock is an area where we have no real boundaries on subject matter although nearly all of the items are ceramic.  We will have very sculptural abstract pieces to much more realistic images.  This is also one of the few areas where we stock a number of items produced by a German sculptor although we find the items in Sweden and Denmark.

Jewellery is in the main from the Modernist or Brutalist school with pieces from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark Lyn has a particular liking for the work of Else and Paul Hughes who had a small workshop in Norway and won their first international awards in the late 1950s.

All of our lighting is rewired to modern safety standards and is fully tested.  Whilst this rewiring may not be what the purist wants it is from our point of view in line with trying to give everything it longest possible life and use.

We have spent recent months trying to find packaging solutions which will ensure that items are delivered safely using only packaging that can be recycled easily.  Hence we have moved over to Kraft paper tape rather than cellotape, corrugated cardboard rather than bubble wrap and wherever possible we use thick wall cardboard tubes to minimise packaging overall.  This does make the packing slightly heavier but we think is a better result for the planet.