Martins Silver

Superb bespoke shallow bowl by Charles Robert Ashbee 1899 £ 4750

A Quality established silver dealer specializing in the in the period post 1880 covering the Arts and Crafts, Art Noveau and Art Deco periods. We stock most of the major designers and silversmiths of the periods inc. CR Ashbee, Omar Ramsden, Archibald Knox and many Liberty Pieces aswell as many of the Guilds. Aswell as the stock of which this is but a sample we also run a discovery and source service for our clients. If you don’t see the items you are looking for in the sample please visit our website which also contains further stock and contact numbers. Martin is always happy to discuss the pieces in further detail and your interests for both current and new clients alike.

We would also like to offer all our customers from this showcase a single 10% Discount on these items and any from our website quoting code NEC2020.  All our items are p&p free within the UK.

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