Percivalhunt Antiques

3 views of a sprinkler: Chinese underglaze blue reticulated rose sprinkler dating from the Kangxi period - made for the export market. The over-decoration in red, green and gold enamels took place circa 1820. Look carefully to see the simple blue and white interior vase. Condition: small amount of restoration to reticulation.

We are a small business dealing in Oriental antiques, focussing mainly on Chinese porcelain from the Qing and Republic periods (1644 – 1950).  During this 300 year period there were extreme highs and lows in quality of porcelain production.  During the Kangxi period ((1662 – 1722) porcelain reached a level of excellence never seen before. New colours and glaze effects were introduced and porcelain artists gained a high level of proficiency.  By the 19th Century quality had declined, with the closure of many kilns and the resultant loss of mastery.  Then, the Kangxi Revival period towards the end of the 19th Century saw quality again reaching high levels, aiming to replicate earlier pieces.  Historical knowledge and recognition of the ‘faults’ which should be visible for any period, helps us to date each object.

We select pieces which would have originally have been made for Chinese taste or export pieces with added interest.

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