Roger de Ville Antiques

A fine Lambeth delftware puzzle jug, inscribed in blue with “Here Gentlemen come try your skill.” A hollow rim with three spouts. c1740 £2250 (repair to spout and handle)

I specialise in 18th and 19C British pottery, particularly Staffordshire figures, English Delftware, Prattware, brown and white saltglaze,  sporting and political and Royal commemoratives.

I live close to Stoke and have always been fascinated by the number of Pot Banks there.  The essential ingredients of clay and coal were readily available to produce wonderful figures of folk art modelled with charm and humour.

They revealed information about life two centuries ago.  The prince of potters were the Ralph Woods who in some cases almost excelled the Chinese with their beautiful coloured glazes, raising British pottery to its highest level.

I am also fascinated by history and the early commemorative pieces recording events like the coronation of George 111 and Queen Charlotte and Victoria and Albert and the Peterloo massacre.  These historical events were commemorated by potteries all over Britain. 

Prattware underglaze pearl decorated earthenware provide good examples for the serious collector, recording historical events such as Lord Admiral Nelson and the battle of Trafalgar and the Duke of Wellington and Waterloo.   I particularly like enamel coloured Staffordshire stoneware saltglaze pieces C1750.   These are difficult to come by, but it is a pleasure to discover a well-decorated sauceboat or teapot.

I exhibit at Antiques Fairs round the country and look forward to a full-time return.