Scarab Antiques was founded by husband and wife team Sue and Alan Poultney in 2006.  We specialise in fine jewellery from the Art Deco period onwards, named costume jewellery, vintage watches and 20th century collectible objects and glass.

Over the past 5 years we have been on a journey to realise our dream of creating our own jewellery line and so Jewels by Scarab was born. We offer fine quality contemporary jewellery that we have designed together. Those designs are then brought to life by a small team of craftsmen using gemstones that have been sourced and cut by Alan.

The Jewels by Scarab brand offers a bespoke commission service that begins in the ethical gemstone mines and ends in your jewellery box.  We have been lucky to draw on Alan’s skills as a second-generation gemstone cutter and dealer with over 40 years’ experience in sourcing and selecting rough material and then cutting that material to create beautiful scintillating gemstones.

We look forward to meeting you at The Antiques & Art for Everyone Fair where we can tell you more about our Scarab Club for private clients and our exciting plans for 2022.

We also love fine vintage watches & 20th century objects & glass and always strive for something different & for the best quality.

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