So Last Century Glass and Clocks

An Art Deco sunburst clock with a French 8-day movement by Japy Frères. The finish has mellowed to a rich golden colour and there seems to be no sign of recent overpainting. It measures 61 cm in diameter, the dial is 11 cm and the condition is very good.

We are a husband and wife team with a passion for clocks and glass. Tony wanted us to be called ‘Smashing Time’ but we felt that was tempting fate. We started more than 15 years ago when Tony’s interest in all things mechanical was diverted towards watches and clocks by our older son who was a watch repairer at that time. Christine decided that she wanted a passion of her own and, after a brief fling with pottery, started to expand her collection of glass until it filled the house and garage.

We travel far and wide to search out interesting and beautiful items, some of which we hope to bring to your attention here.