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Daum – Summer landscape - Messidor vase. A beautiful solifleur vase acid etched and very finely enamelled showing a very detailed summer Vosges landscape with Mountains in the background.The famous representations of trees under the snow or of the same wooded landscapes streaked with raindrops made the reputation of Daum but the summer version that they referred to as “Messidor” is much more rarely found. Messidor month was the tenth of the French Republican calendar. It corresponded more or less to the period from June 19 to July 18 of the Gregorian calendar. Named after the Latin word “messis” which means harvest, it drew its name “from the appearance of the waving ears and golden harvests that cover the fields of June and July” according to the report presented to the National Convention on 03 Brumaire An II by Fabre d ‘Eglantine, on behalf of the committee responsible for preparing the calendar. Excellent detail and a rare and stunning piece. Only the finest pieces were initialled by the enameller. This vase is initialled AR by the Artist and signed Daum Nancy and with the Cross of Lorraine in black enamel to the side of the vase. A rare and exceptional piece. French c 1908 Approx 15.5 cm tall and 4.75 cm diameter at the base £4950

I am a specialist antiques dealer in Art Nouveau and Art Deco Sculpture and Glass (mainly European) as well as Arts and Crafts. (English & Scottish) of the period 1880 to 1935.
Whether you are looking for a piece from specific artists like Galle, Daum, Loetz, Moser, and Rene Lalique or Sculpture from Chiparus, Preiss or Lorenzl or Arts and Crafts from Newlyn, Liberty or Keswick then I can help. I am a member of BADA, LAPADA and CINOA and have done television work for both BBC and ITV.
Shipping can be arranged throughout the world.

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