Steve Sly Japanese Works of Art

Japanese Meiji period (1868-1912) , Circa1890 Ivory & Shibayama Kodansu, (miniature collectors chest) each panel expertly inlaid to depict different arrangements of floral scenes including Peony's, Chrysanthemums, Iris, Red Berries and other native flora, each individual panels inlaid detail carved in exquisite fashion with the use of Mother of pearl, Coral, Tortoiseshell, and many other semi precious stones and Shells , the front door opens with a solid silver knob in the form of a flower bud , the interior of the door inlaid with a Kingfisher amidst sprays of Iris, the two opening drawers again mounted with Silver bud form handles and have been intricately inlaid to depict scenes of a Butterfly hovering amidst hanging Wisteria and Bamboo', the Kodansu is further decorated with stippled Nanako ground Silver mounts on all corners as well as the feet, the top mounted with a Silver handle for carriage, complete with old collectors and retailers labels to the underside. £9850

Specialists in Japanese works of art from the Meiji period 1868-1912

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