Commemorative Ceramics from Susan & Peter Rees

George III 1760 – 1820 & George IV Faithful husband (no mistress), lived a simple life. “I hope the time will come when every child in my Dominions will be able to read the bible”. George IV – least commemorated coronation (most commemorated death). Lavish in expenditure & appetite with antagonistic relationship with wife Queen Caroline.

For many hundreds of years, significant events in history have been commemorated by the creation of special pieces of pottery and ceramics. The practice goes back to at least Roman times.

Our collections do not go back that far, but they do go back as far as the late XVIIth century.

SUSAN REES – Royal, Political & Social Events C1680 to 1880


PETER REES – Commemorative china C1880 to C2000


Susan and Peter have provided items for the collections of Government ministers and museums including the British Museum, the Museum of Scotland, the Tower of London and the Imperial War Museum.

In essence it is History in Ceramics!