Timothy Millett

Marriage of Charles 1 and Henrietta Maria, silver counter, 1625, by P. Regnier, busts of Charles 1 and Henrietta Maria facing with celestial rays above, CH. MAG . ET . HEN . MA . BRIT . REX . ET . REG. (CHARLES THE GREAT, AND HENRIETTA MARIA, KING AND QUEEN OF BRITAIN. ), rev. cupid right scatters the roses of England with the lilies of France, FVNDIT . AMOR . LIMA . MIXTA . ROSIS. 1625, (LOVE POURS OUT LILIES MINGLED WITH ROSES). 23 mm, (MI 238/1). Good very fine. £225.00 Henrietta Maria, (1609-1669) was the daughter of Henry IV of France. The device on the reverse alludes to the linking of the lilies of France with the roses of England.

Historical objects with a background speciality in commemorative medals. I cover the period from the Defeat of the Spanish Armada to the early twentieth century. Many of the objects that I handle have strong associations with the event.