A Spoonful of Arts & Crafts in the UK presented by Simon Moore 

View an exciting exhibition this spring, culminating years of learning and research on decorative spoons, knives and forks. 


Alongside browsing beautiful stands displaying stunning and eye-catching pieces at Antiques for Everyone, discover this springs' feature exhibition which displays Arts & Crafts spoons and other related table cutlery as the interest in this area is flourishing to have become even more popular than in its heyday.

The History Behind the Feature

Enamelled Coron, Simon Moore, Arts and Crafts, Antiques for Everyone Spring Fair 2018The exhibition will showcase the rise of the Arts & Crafts Movement promulgated by the likes of John Ruskin, Henry Cole, William Morris and Arthur Liberty, renowned for his Liberty’s store in London, which opened in 1875. The Liberty spoons (which will be on display) became very popular and are now sought after by collectors.   

Other worthy organisations, not least Charles Ashbee’s Guild of Handicraft, followed the ethos of the Arts & Crafts Movement,  but ‘went under’ within 20 years.  However, the silver and jewellery parts of the Guild of Handicraft were taken over by the silversmithing firm of William Hart in Chipping Campden and continue to this day. Ed Coron spoon bowl, Simon Moore, Arts and Crafts, Antiques for Everyone Spring Fair 2018

Besides London, Birmingham became an important hub for the Arts & Crafts Movement. Its jewellery quarter with its own school, separate school of art and many manufactories, helped to make it and London and Glasgow the chief areas for productivity in the UK.

Many who started out as architects, branched out into designing furniture, interiors and ultimately, kitchen and tableware.  It was also a time for the ascendancy of craftswomen, who designed and made jewellery and small silver as well as other media, and came to be recognised as equal, often outshining their male peers.

The popularity of Arts & Crafts spoons continued after World War One and continued to thrive alongside the more modern fashion that was later dubbed Art Deco.  Even with the rise of Modernism, particularly in the post World War Two years, the influence of the Arts & Crafts Movement can still be seen in the designs of today.

This exhibition has been created to delight and amaze; that such an everyday item as a spoon (not forgetting the knife and fork) can have undergone so many changes, particularly during the period 1870 - 1940.


Simon Moore

Simon Moore’s professional career has been in the Natural Sciences but he has long maintained an interest in the Applied Arts, particularly knives, forks and spoons.  These interests have led him to write books about the history of these everyday items, particularly those that have an aesthetic appeal. 

The period in British Art history known as Arts & Crafts has held a special interest – how it happened, its ascendancy and ultimately its continuation and revival during later periods of art and design. 

Simon will also be selling his latest book entitled "Artists' Spoons & Related Table Cutlery - A British History of Arts & Crafts Flatware" at the fair.

Immerse yourself in an exclusively stunning display this spring at Antiques for Everyone, 5 - 8 April 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham. 

Simon Moore, Arts & Crafts Spoon, Feature Exhibition, Antiques for Everyone Spring Fair 2018