The Spode Society will be staging an Exhibition extending to seven cabinets showing a large collection of over 170 ceramics of all types from the Spode, Copeland & Garrett, Copeland and 20th Century periods, including some exceptionally rare pieces.

The Spode exhibition will cover all periods and production of the Spode factory from the first Spode period 1770 – 1833, Copeland and Garrett period 1833 – 1847 and the Copeland period from 1847 to the 20th century. Approximately 170 examples of the finest Spode will be on show, demonstrating the strength of the Spode factory and its continuing reputation for quality in design, decoration and innovation. The display will feature a number of very rare items that are sure to be of great interest to collectors and anyone with an interest in fine ceramics.

Active since 1986, the Spode Society was created for the study and enjoyment of the history and products of the Spode factory, its workforce and the Spode and Copeland families. Today, the Society is world-wide and brings together collectors and admirers of Spode, Copeland & Garrett, Copeland and more recent Spode wares.

Founded by Josiah Spode in 1770, the Spode factory was responsible for perfecting two extremely important techniques that were crucial to the worldwide success of the English pottery industry. Josiah Spode (1733–1797) perfected the technique for transfer printing in underglaze blue on fine earthenware, the development that led to the launch in 1816 of Spode’s famous Blue Italian range, which has remained in production ever since. Josiah Spode is also credited with the formula for fine bone china that was generally adopted by the industry.

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