Summer 2019 Exhibition

Titanic Postcards Special Display

A special exhibition of rare, vintage, classic and collectable postcards will be a major attraction at the Art & Antiques for Everyone summer fair. In a display to be presented by the Postcard Traders Association, postcards from the past 120 years focusing on RMS Titanic, the history of Shipping, Transport and the ever popular comic postcards of Donald McGill and others will go on display.  In addition, this special exhibition will feature a number of modern postcards and will seek to explain the important role of the postcard in history.

Postcard Traders Association

Collecting postcards is one of the three largest collectable hobbies in the world, with coin and stamp collecting. The Postcard Traders Association represents the UK’s foremost dealers (and increasingly from overseas), auctioneers, fair organisers, publishers and accessory distributors amongst its members. All have been vetted to ensure that the high standards and objectives set upon its foundation are maintained to help in protecting collectors against unfair or dubious trading practices.

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