Any glass enthusiast can name numerous Scandinavian, Italian, Czech or British glass designers who worked in the 20th century. But can they name even a single contemporary glass artist from Hungary? Most can’t although major museums and private collectors purchase and often wait long months to put their hands on masterpieces by word-class Hungarian glass artists.  

The interest is unsurprising since many Hungarian artists have won top international glass awards including one of the most prestigious Kanazawa Glass Prizes. The Corning Museum of Glass (USA) has a handful of works by Hungarian masters being collected since the 1970s. 

The Hungarian glass art movement of the 20th century saw a new approach to glass as a conception-thought transforming medium, stemming from the field of fine arts. 

This exhibition, presented by Prisma Gallery, provides an overview of this unique approach and brings together works by a selection of contemporary Hungarian glass makers covering several artistic generations.