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Fri 06 Apr 14:00

In addition to presenting a stunning exhibition for our spring feature, Simon Moore will be discussing a series of talks across the four days about Arts & Crafts spoons. 

The effects of Birmingham as a central hub and of the Glasgow School of Art for Arts & Crafts spoons

This talk will explore how Birmingham was set as a major influence for designing and manufacturing spoons during the Arts and Crafts and later periods. As well as a look at Glasgow at this time and the influence of Mackintosh, the Glasgow School of Art plus the Keswick School of Industrial Arts.

About Simon Moore

Simon Moore has long maintained an interest in the Applied Arts, particularly knives, forks and spoons.  These interests have led him to write books about the history of these everyday items, particularly those that have an aesthetic appeal. 

Simon Moore, Conservator of Natural Sciences and Cutlery Historian