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Thu 19 Jul 14:00

Paul Moorehead, Chairman of  the Buttonhook society, will be tracing the appearance of Buttonhooks from the early buttons of Greek and Roman times to the point where they were used as fastenings in the fifteenth century. He then explains that they then responded to the times by being used for Elizabethan buff coats, Splatter dashes, gloves, collars, Gentlemen’s boots until finally ladies’ boots at the height of the Victorian period.

About Paul Moorehead

Paul always had an interest in antiques but collected nothing. He started collecting by accident in 1968, when he bought a tea chest of bric-a-brac at a house auction. The house was in fact a mansion belonging to Miss Cherry of Cherry Blossom Boot Polish fame. His £1 bid saw him carrying off his box, and when he emptied it he found inside two buttonhooks and a shoehorn. At that point he didn't know they were buttonhooks but he did spot that they had silver handles. He cleaned them up and looked up the silver marks. A few weeks later he saw another buttonhook in a shop window, inquired what it was and bought it. Paul now has a collection of 2,000 buttonhooks. 

In 1979, Paul found he had a list of fellow collectors and so formed them into the Buttonhook Society we know today. Over the years he has written several books on buttonhooks as well as taking part in radios and television shows. Now at 81 he is just as enthusiastic about them as ever!

Paul Moorehead, The Buttonhook Society, Art & Antiques for Everyone Summer Fair 2018


Paul Moorehead, Chairman, The Buttonhook Society